The Prosperous Light Leader


Are you ready to activate your Prosperous Light Leader so you can create a profitable & sexy 6 figure plus aligned business?!


Have you…


Recently felt like giving it all up?

Thought you could never achieve what others have?

Got stuck behind blocks in your biz?

Gone through failure after failure?

Felt like your trauma is stopping you moving forward?

Wondered how to unlock all the bullshit?


…then Prosperous Light Leader can help you turn it all around!


The Prosperous Light Leader is a two part FREE training you have been waiting for! Monday 30th May at 6:30pm AEST AND the 6th June 6:30pm AEST!



The Prosperous Light Leader 


Alright you beautiful bitch... lets get into it.

Are you a light worker constantly burning out & feeling like there is nothing in your bank account at the end of the month?

Which basically translates to a light worker in business who hasn't built the foundation strong enough & is constantly feeling like she's starting again every month.

You feel like you have such an incredible vision for your message- you feel it deep in bones that you want to create a 6 figure or multi 6 figure business but it feels hard....

You get glimpses of that success but nothing consistent.

You're in this space to create freedom but you feel like you are held captive to your business. 

Constantly trying to come up with the next best thing that is going to take you from zero to hero.

You're ready to reach those new levels of wealth, take your magic international & FINALLY start to build your impact and your money

If you're ready for MORE than you're ready to dive into this training.

We will be connecting with your money guide, downloading a new wealth blue print, clearing soul contracts and gaining YOUR strategy to success over this two part masterclass

Ready to expand in ways you've only seen others do?


Then it's time to sign up for the FREE two part live training!


Baby, you had me at "Beautiful Bitch"!

"Wait, hang on... who are you?"

Let me introduce my self...

If you don’t already know (and seriously, if not, where have you been?!) I’m Brittney and I am a Leader on a mission to bring light workers to a new level of wealth, impact and divine fucking magic.

I USED TO MAKE $39k in a year… and now I can make that in a month OR triple that in a launch.

I want you to let me be living proof that creating an abundant life does not mean 3-5 years of putting in the "hard yards".

I begun living my life and creating my light worker business in February 2019 and then activating channel in October 2019.

When covid hit in March 2020 and we went into lockdown, I wasn’t able to continue to run my massaging business so I went all in on my “side hustle” which now makes multiple 6 figures!

I have had the absolute honour of serving women all over the globe guiding them to their own unlocking and harnessing their power as Light Worker & intimately supporting them as the cross their threshold to scale to 6 figures and beyond.

My work has allowed me the chance to change businesses and LIVES.

I’ve had the pleasure of activating gifts in my clients which bring them incredible prosperity in their lives!

And I'm not just talking money, honey.

  • Leaving corporate to let their light working business take off.
  • Re-define their business where it once felt stale to then go on and sell out their offerings
  • Create a life that is so time free, we get holidays every damn month.

My willingness to invest and allow my business to expand through mentorship has served me and my clients to create incredible results. I invested when it didn’t make sense. I still backed my vision even though some parts of my business were flopping.

I’ve calibrated to new energies & deepened my gifts...all of what I have created is because I chose to rise up REGARDLESS of the resistance I was feeling!

Learning these fundamental teachings allowed me to pivot my life personally, professionally, mentally and financially and I just KNOW if you give yourself the chance, you're about to lean into an incredible new life.

So give yourself permission to connect with your soul, connect with your guides and connect back to your TRUTH & join us in The Prosperous Light Worker!

Sign up for the two part training so you can scale your impact & make f*cking BANK!

Mmm Yum Yes Please!

What to expect from this training

Call 1 - 30th May 2022, 6.30pm AEST

The first call in Prosperous Light Leader is all about examining the energetics behind your business, your offerings and your ability to be paid. We’ll be connecting with YOUR money guide so that you can step into a level of impact & wealth that you have only seen others create, and that you don’t fully trust can be yours yet. You can do it too, baby!

Get ready to clear your trauma and create visibility; we’ll be stepping straight in and doing the soul contract work, releasing the blocks in your business, and working towards being truly prosperous in your soul’s purpose like you’ve always wanted. This is the activation call, setting you up perfectly for…

Call 2 - 6th June 2022, 6.30pm AEST

This is a divine call for you to create YOUR road map to 6 figures & beyond. We’ll work together to create a divine strategy for you, helping you to overcome hiring blocks or motivational issues so you can unlock all that bullshit around claiming consistent five figure months - and finally see a route to that successful 6 figure biz that you’ve been craving.

Prosperous Light Leader will put you on the right path to scale your light worker business, and this second call is the action portion of this epic free training - it’s almost too hot to handle!

And the best part? We will be doing it in community with other light workers who are ready to step up and create the biz (and life) of their dreams! I know how lonely it can feel being a lightworker - and add the wild ride that is entrepreneurship to that - well… let's be real, it's a bit of a headfuck! It’s easy to slip into the belief that nobody else gets it or understands your unique style of business. 

That’s where I step in, bitches!

 I bring allll the best lightworkers to the party and I’m so excited about this one-off training because I know that when we rise, we rise together!

Get ready to level the fuck up and step away from all the negativity & all the bad juju stopping you from reaching your full potential in wealth, wisdom and light worker badassery. See you there, baby…

Yes Yes YES! Scale me to 6 figures & beyond!